pvsa-mail-in-kitThe Gold Standard Mail-In Kit
The PVSA Test Kit is the first and only Post-Vasectomy test kit that provides CLIA certified laboratory results from a mail in kit.
pvsa-mail-in-kitCLIA Certified Lab Results
Each specimen is individually examined with a standard hemacytometer by a trained laboratory technician, and archived for one year.
pvsa-mail-in-kitAward Winning Researchers
The Bedford Research Foundation has recently received the prestigious Jacob Heskel Gabbay Award in Biotechnology and Medicine
pvsa-mail-in-kitSend the Kit by Regular Mail
The PVSA test kit uses a patented preservative that allows the patient to complete the kit at home and drop it into any standard US Mail box.
pvsa-mail-in-kitEasy to Read Report
The PVSA report will be faxed/mailed to the doctor's office within 2 business days of kit receipt in the lab.
pvsa-mail-in-kitEasy to Use Kit Ninety six percent (96%) of patients surveyed agree PVSA is easy and convenient to use.
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